We believe a property manager’s role is far more complex than simply showing space, signing leases, and collecting rent.  In reality, the property manager attempts to generate the greatest possible net income for the owners of an investment property over the economic life of that property.  Ambassador Property Management focuses hard on customer service whether you are the tenant or property owner.  We work hard to achieve the objectives of the property owners, generate income for the owners, and preserve and/or increase the value of the investment property.

Our personnel and affiliates possess the communication skills and technical expertise required for dynamic decision making.  Our property managers are versatile and are often called to act as a market analyst, salesperson, accountant, maintenance engineer, and even a advertising executive.  Our services work effectively with prospects, tenants, contractors, among others so you can rest easy and enjoy the true benefits of your investment.

Although, we take on a wide range of business we specialize in residential properties which are approximately 6% of the field.  Only 10% of single residential housing are investment properties throughout the country.  Most property management companies working heavily within the commercial and home owner’s association aspects of the field.  That means you get the greatest personal attention and customer service by choosing Ambassador Property Management over others. 

A proud member of the
National Association of Residential Property Managers
"Make the Right Choice the First Time!"
" Ambassador Property Management is best management firm I have ever used in 35 years of real estate investing."                                                      - Forest A. Mathes

"Ambassador Property Management and associated Realtors have always had my best interest in mind.  Since hiring them it's the first time I don't need to worry that I'm
getting ripped off by my management company.  I have to ask questions every now and then so I feel like I doing something! "                 - Tom Sorrentino - Houston, Tx

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